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Ski Jumping Tickets

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Ski Jumping Tickets

Ski Jumping Tickets

Ski jumping tickets have recently been added to our long list of premium tickets for the most exciting sports events! An amazing winter sport, ski jumping is an absolute joy to behold; skiers receive points for both jumping length and style, making this sport a treat for the eye! The discipline itself originates from Norway where the very first ski jumping competition was organised in 1879. Indeed, the Norwegian town of Holmenkollen is still one of the most important venues in the world of ski jumping. You could actually be a spectator watching the world’s most talented ski jumpers going down the inrun at the Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf or Innsbruck, for example! Alternatively, you could be there cheering your heroes all the way to the take-off ramp at the FIS World Cup in Willingen! All you need to do is purchase those quality ski jumping tickets here at worldticketshop.com -Your Ticket to Fun!

Ski Jumping Tournaments

Ski jumping tournaments are the be-all and end-all for fans of winter sports and we now offer the necessary tickets at worldticketshop.com! Part of the Winter Olympic Games, ski jumping tournaments take place on three different kinds of hills with ascending calculation lines: normal hills (80-100 metres), large hills (120-130 metres) and ski flying hills (185 metres). Ski jumpers get awarded 60 points if they land on the designated calculation point. If they miss the mark, they will lose points. If they exceed the mark, they will gain extra points! Also, extra points can be given for steadiness, balance and body position. Nowadays, the V-technique is used in ski jumping, making it possible for jumpers to exceed the distance of the hill by roughly 10% compared to older techniques used in ski jumping such as the Windisch and Daescher techniques. Obviously, you already know all about this and are keen to secure your ski jumping tickets now so you can watch famous ski jumpers like Michael Neumayer and Martin Koch live in action at the Four Hills Tournament, one of the most popular ski jumping tournaments! Don’t delay. Purchase your ski jumping tickets today. Jump to Worldticketshop.com - Your Ticket to Fun!

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