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Selling tickets

Regarding what tickets you can sell

Unfortunately you cannot make it to an event? Or has a colleague fallen ill and do you have a spare ticket? Not to worry, because there are many fans who would want to buy your ticket, saving you from being left with tickets and expenses.

At Worldticketshop you can sell all tickets for live entertainment at a price that you determine yourself.

So you own a ticket to a concert that has been sold out for a long time and you want to make someone else happy with it? Then sell your tickets at Worldticketshop. You yourself can determine the price, so you may even make a profit. Do bear in mind, however, that the dynamics on the platform determine whether the price of your ticket is right and so if your tickets are sold quickly!

Selling and shipping your tickets

For your convenience, we have listed all the advantages of Worldticketshop for you as a seller:

  • no need to go to the post-office to have your shipment delivered. Instead, a courier will collect the shipment from your home;
  • the user-friendly shipping method ensures that you can immediately print out the labels for your shipment;
  • quick receipt of money for your sold ticket, as we pay out twice a month!
  • the multi-lingual website reaches the whole of Europe so your tickets are promoted in the best possible way.

In short, what Worldticketshop does for you?

  1. processing of orders
  2. processing of payments plus verification of address and payment
  3. additional functionality to help sell tickets even easier and reaching a wide audience

Selling tips!

What can you do to make sure that your tickets are sold as soon as possible.

We have several tips for you:

  • We strongly suggest you provide clear and exact information about ticket location in order to sell your tickets fast!
  • Make sure that your tickets are priced in accordance with market prices so as to maximise the chances of a buyer ordering your tickets;
  • The better you monitor your ticket placement, the sooner you can alter prices or make adjustments;

How does selling tickets work?

Selling tickets is very simple. You can put your tickets up for sale online in four simple steps! Then all you need to do is send the ticket and we pay you out!

Register as seller

  • To become a Worldticketshop seller you must register. It is entirely at the discretion of Worldticketshop to decide whether you are suitable (or remain) as a seller.

Placing tickets

  • Then add the tickets you want to sell. Your tickets will then be displayed on Worldticketshop

Sell your tickets

  • When a buyer orders your tickets through Worldticketshop, you will receive an email confirming the sale and the order will be recorded in your seller account. The payment is processed via Worldticketshop.
  • After verification of address and payment, the order is ready for shipment

Sending tickets

  • Worldticketshop informs the buyer when you are on the verge of consignment to be sent.

Payment to vendor

  • The buyer receives your tickets. Worldticketshop will, after the event has taken place, paying the asking price of tickets to the seller.

What you need to know about selling tickets?

Worldticketshop takes no responsibility for transactions that take place on its platform between you and the buyer or accept ownership share of the tickets offered on the Worldticketshop platform.

Placing tickets on the website of Worldticketshop is free. Worldticketshop charges a sales commission for its brokerage services. The asking price including sales commission is made visible for the buyer on the website.

When a buyer has placed an order you as a seller are required to deliver the tickets to the buyer. We therefore do not recommend that you offer the tickets elsewhere. If you cannot deliver the tickets to the buyer this can result in a fine charged to your account. For more information about the sanctions, go to "sanctions."

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