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Should I confirm a sale?

The seller does not have to confirm the sales. If your tickets are sold you will automatically receive an email with all details of the order and the buyer.

Your order is also recorded directly in your seller account with the status 'waiting for approval'. This means that your sale is first checked by the fraud team at Worldticketshop. We perform this check continuously during the day to make sure that Worldticketshop can collect the purchase price from the buyer on your behalf and provide you with the correct payout.

How can I best sell tickets?

We recommend you to carefully check for ticket prices that reflect the market. Correct pricing will see to it that you achieve the best results. Realistic pricing helps.

Why does my sale have the "awaiting approval" status?

The status of "awaiting approval" will be initially assigned to a Worldticketshop sale when it has not yet been approved and additional information is requested from the buyer. The Worldticketshop fraud team strives to approve or disapprove the sale within 48 hours.. If your sale does not pass fraud control, then your ticket will be automatically released to a subsequent purchaser.

How much does Worldticketshop charge for sales commission?

Worldticketshop charges a sales commission of 7.5% plus VAT on the asking price of the seller. The final sale price displayed on the website is the price asked by the seller plus the sales commission including VAT from Worldticketshop.

We ask this commission in order to be able to provide a safe, transparent and efficient trading platform, as well as to train a helpful customer service and sales team.

What happens if my tickets are not sold?

It is your responsibility to price your tickets accurately and realistically. Worldticketshop takes no responsibility for whether or not your listed tickets manage to sell on its trading platform.

Can I adjust the price of my tickets?

You can adjust the selling price of your ticket in your seller account. Once your tickets are purchased by a buyer, it is no longer possible to adapt the price of your ticket.

Can I change the details of my ticket?

You can easily adapt information about your tickets in the seller account. We advise you to be as precise as possible when adding additional information about your tickets. When your tickets have been purchased by a buyer it is no longer possible to adapt your listing and provide extra information about your tickets.

When does my ticket placement expire?

Your ticket will expire automatically three days before the start of the event as a timely posting will no longer be possible then. The status of your ticket placement in your seller account will automatically be changed to "expired ticket placement." You can post tickets 3 working days before the event unless otherwise agreed upon.

What should I do if I cannot deliver the tickets?

If it appears that the tickets you have posted on Worldticketshop are no longer available, we request that you change the status of the listing to  "expired ticket placement.". Your ticket placement will then be removed from the site.

Have your tickets already been sold, but does it appear that your tickets cannot be delivered or that the exact agreed upon tickets cannot be delivered? Then we ask you to contact the Worldticketshop sales team who will change the status of your ticket placement to 'non-compliance ticket placement ". The sales team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss whether the seller can arrange alternative tickets or whether supplying is no longer possible at all. Worldticketshop sales team is responsible for the communication to the buyer.

Can I sell my tickets on multiple websites simultaneously?

We strongly recommend you not to offer your tickets for sale on other websites. When the buyer purchases your tickets, there is an agreement created between you and the buyer. You are therefore obliged to honor that agreement. If you do not meet the requirements to deliver the agreed tickets on time Worldticketshop will effectuate its penalty policy.


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