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I cannot find the event I want to list tickets for.

Perhaps we have not yet added the event to the website. We therefore invite you to visit the website or your sales account to fill in the form to request missing events.

If you require assistance in selling your tickets, please contact our sales team.

What are the costs associated with placing tickets?

Selling tickets is free. We only charge a sales commission on top of the asking price when your tickets are actually sold. This means that the price on the website differs from the asking price that you have specified when placing your ticket.

I would like to list more tickets than the maximum number permitted by the official organizer, can I?

In your seller account, you can specify that you want to sell more tickets than the maximum number allowed by the official organizer of the event. On the website, the buyer can only buy the maximum number of tickets allowed. But if you have more tickets saved in your selling account, they will automatically be displayed after your first tickets are sold.

Can I only give a fixed price for my tickets or variable and auction prices as well?

On the Worldticketshop trading platform you can only specify a fixed price for your tickets. It is therefore advisable to monitor your listing and regularly check that your asking price meets the average market price.

Can I customize the information about my tickets?

If your tickets have not been sold you can change the price and all additional information. Worldticketshop stands for reliability and security. We ask you therefore to indicate all relevant information as clearly as possible. If your tickets state "restricted view" or you would like to sell tickets that are not seated together, for example situated behind each other, we explicitly request that you inform the buyer of this. This is to avoid any confusion with the buyer regarding the details of the tickets and to avoid having to suspend your payments for an investigation.

I would like to sell tickets, but do not yet have the tickets in hand, can I?

Not all tickets are immediately sent to the original buyer after the official sale has started. Therefore Worldticketshop permits you to sell tickets on its trading platform that you do not yet have in hand. We do ask you to indicate this clearly in your seller account by way of an expected shipping date. The buyer of your tickets will then know where they stand when attempting to order your tickets.

Can I delete a ticket placement?

You can remove a ticket entry from the website if your tickets have not been sold. You can then simply edit the status of the ticket entry to "Deleted ticket entry."

What information should I provide in my ticket placement?

Worldticketshop stands for a transparent and reliable trading platform for buyers and sellers. We ask you therefore to provide all relevant information regarding your tickets when entering a ticket placement. This helps the seller to avoid arousing false expectations of the buyer.

Worldticketshop is also the initiator of EUSTA, the trade association for the secondary ticket market. We therefore ensure that the correct original ticket types and prices are displayed on the website so that consumers can take an informed decision on the purchase of their tickets.

Why do you authorize my credit card when I want to post tickets?

If you want to sell tickets at Worldticketshop we ask you to fill in your credit card details. This credit card will only be charged if we charge you a fine in accordance with our penalty policy because you have not delivered the tickets or the right tickets in time.

Every time you list a new ticket on the website, we request your credit card company to do an authorization of € 1, - to verify your credit card. The authorisation contributes to a secure and reliable trading platform for buyers and sellers.


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