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How do I post my tickets?

You can sell tickets in three easy steps:

Step 1. Place tickets

Go to the event that you want to sell tickets for, or click on the button "sell your tickets" to begin your ticket installation.

Provide all relevant information for the tickets you wish to sell and confirm your placement. Make sure the information is accurate. You are required to provide the exact ticket type, location and category as you have listed when your tickets are sold.

Tip: Make sure your price is competitive with that of other vendors so that your ticket has a good chance to be sold!

Step 2. Ticket information and your details

Proceed with completing your information, including your account information for a proper payment, please read the sales conditions carefully and proceed by entering your credit card information so that we can activate a seller account for you.

Please monitor your ticket placement closely and wait until your tickets are sold. You will receive an email confirming the sale when a buyer purchases your placed ticket.

Step 3. Shipping and payment

Now it's time to send your tickets. The address of the buyer can be found in the confirmation email and your account. Via your selling account, you can now easily print out a UPS label and ask UPS to pick up your tickets so that the tickets are received in time by the buyer.

The status of your order will be automatically adjusted to 'send' when you print out the UPS dispatch note or fill in the correct tracking information. The buyer now knows he or she can expect the tickets. Your payment will be sent ten working days after the event has taken place and you've filled in the tracking information in your seller account.


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