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Selling guide

About the Worldticketshop marketplace

Conditions and obligations

  1. How do I post my tickets?

Your account

  1. Will my tickets instantly be displayed on the website once I have created an account?
  2. Can I create an account?

Registration and login

  1. Can I cancel my account?
  2. Registration and Login

Manage your account

  1. How do I change my bank account for payment?

Ticket status

  1. What do the statuses in my account mean?

Contact an account manager

  1. I want to place tickets for an event which is not yet available on Worldticketshop?
  2. How can I contact Worldticketshop?

Place tickets

  1. Can I customize the information about my tickets?
  2. Can I delete a ticket placement?
  3. Can I only give a fixed price for my tickets or variable and auction prices as well?
  4. I cannot find the event I want to list tickets for
  5. I would like to list more tickets than the maximum number permitted by the official organizer, can I?
  6. I would like to sell tickets, but do not yet have the tickets in hand, can I?
  7. What are the costs associated with placing tickets?
  8. What information should I provide in my ticket placement?
  9. Why do you authorize my credit card when I want to post tickets?
  10. Place tickets

Sell tickets

  1. Can I adjust the price of my tickets?
  2. Can I change the details of my ticket?
  3. Can I sell my tickets on multiple websites simultaneously?
  4. How can I best sell tickets?
  5. How much does Worldticketshop charge for sales commission?
  6. Should I confirm a sale?
  7. What happens if my tickets are not sold?
  8. What should I do if I cannot deliver the tickets?
  9. When does my ticket placement expire?
  10. Why is my sale 'awaiting approval' ?
  11. Sell tickets

Sending tickets

  1. Am I entitled to a refund when I have provided an incorrect delivery address?
  2. Can I also send the tickets using standard mail?
  3. Can I alter the UPS pick-up date?
  4. Can I only send my tickets with UPS?
  5. Can I track my shipment with track and trace?
  6. Dispatch of my tickets is not possible because the tickets have been released shortly before the event, what should I do?
  7. Distribution of the tickets with UPS is not possible for my sales, what now?
  8. How do I know if the buyer has received the tickets?
  9. How do i list and upload my e-tickets?
  10. How do I send my tickets?
  11. I have provided an expected shipping date, but I’d like to alter this date.
  12. I want to print out the label for UPS shipment, is this possible?
  13. If the event is within three working days, will UPS still deliver on time?
  14. Should I inform the buyer of my tickets that I have dispatched the tickets?
  15. The tickets I have sent have been returned to me
  16. What are the costs of sending tickets with UPS?
  17. Who is responsible for the shipment of the tickets?


  1. Can I view the status of my payments?
  2. In which way will payment take place?
  3. When does payment take place?
  4. Sending tickets
  5. Payment


  1. Can I also send my own promotional material with the ticket shipment?
  2. How much commission does Worldticketshop charge?
  3. I cannot deliver the agreed upon tickets, but I do have similar tickets, can I also send them?
  4. I have made a mistake in my ticket placement and the tickets have been sold, what do I do?
  5. I have received a sales order, but the tickets are no longer available, what do I do?
  6. I have sold tickets for an event that has been postponed, what do I do?
  7. I have sold tickets for an event which has been cancelled, what do I do?
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