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Rugby Union Tickets

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Rugby Union Tickets

Rugby Union Tickets

Rugby union tickets are currently among the most sought-after sports tickets and this is hardly surprising: major tournaments like Six Nations and the Heineken Cup draw millions of spectators every year! Rugby union differs from its counterpart rugby league in that it is the original form of rugby which was invented in Rugby, England. Unlike rugby league, it still features famous rugby trademarks like scrums and line-outs. The concept of rugby union is simple enough: the ball has to be moved over the enemy’s goal line. In order to prevent this, players may be tackled, for instance. Restarts may occur through free kicks or penalty kicks, depending on how severe the infringement is. The most important information, however, is that we always have the most popular Rugby union tickets available for you! We now offer premium Six Nations Tickets and Heineken Cup Final Tickets for instance! Attend the most exhilarating matches only at Worldticketshop.com - Your Ticket to Fun!

Rugby Union Tournaments

Tickets for rugby union tournaments like Tri Nations and the World Cup are in high demand in the world of rugby. We now offer premium Rugby union tickets for all the matches and tournaments you can possibly attend nowadays! Would schoolboy William Webb Ellis have known what a revolution in the world of ball games he helped kick-start when he just grabbed a football in 1823 and ran with it? Anyway, the first official tentative rules of the sport were written down in 1845 and in 1871 the Rugby Football Union was established! The sales of rugby union tickets quickly soared in all four corners of the world. Indeed, rugby found a niche in places as diverse as Italy, South Africa, the USA and Japan! You can now secure premium rugby union tickets for all competitions here online! Are you definitely more into rugby matches between teams of 15 players rather than 13? Then secure the necessary tickets now at Worldticketshop.com - Your Ticket to Fun!

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