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Musical Tickets

Musical Tickets

Fans of the mightily popular musical are advised to drop everything and explore Worldticketshop.com for those quality musical tickets which are so difficult to secure at the last minute! The musical as we know it today originated in the 19th century. According to historians the first proper musical is the 1866 play ‘The Black Crook’. This play was actually referred to as ‘musical theatre’ or a ‘book musical’ featuring songs especially written for the play as well as some adaptations of existing songs. The combination of music, dialogue and dance made it the very first actual musical! As you will probably know, Broadway in New York and especially the West End in London are well-known meccas for fans of the musical: this is especially evident in the enormously successful sales of tickets for musicals such as ‘Les Miserables’, ‘The Sound of Music’ or ‘Aida’. There are, of course, numerous other cities capable of catering for die hard enthusiasts of the musical. What about Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool or even Bristol? Are you at home or in your hotel room now and do you feel like watching an exciting performance of the musical ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Monkey: Journey to the West, ‘Dirty Dancing’ or ‘Grease’, for that matter? Then buy tickets for these musicals here! You could secure Cats Musical Tickets now for example! Secure your musical tickets here at Worldticketshop.com - Your Ticket to Fun!

Musical Shows

Musical shows and musicals date back to the ancient Greeks: their comedies and tragedies already incorporated music and dance. During the Italian Renaissance there was the so-called ‘commedia dell’arte’ featuring loud-mouthed clowns. The 1700s saw the advent of ballad operas and comic operas: ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ is a famous example. A century later the British and American music halls came into existence featuring songs and comic acts. The birth of the present musical coincided with the improvement of London transportation and street lighting towards the end of the 19th century. Whereas before the somewhat bawdy shows attracted a slightly seedy crowd, now a more respectable audience began to flock to the music hall shows which as a result became more cheerful, romantic and funnier. A distinctive characteristic of the musical is its original music written especially for the show and suiting the characters. Rodgers and Hammerstein were legendary composers and ‘Oklahoma!’ (1943), ‘The Sound of Music’ (1959) and ‘The King and I’ (1951) are famous examples of their work. Once properly started, the flow of top-class musicals and sales of musical tickets seemed unstoppable: ‘West Side Story’ (1957), ‘Hair’ (1968), ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ (1986), ‘Miss Saigon’ (1989) are but a few classic examples. Musicals come in various guises: there are rock musicals (‘Jesus Christ Superstar’), for example, as well as ‘jukebox musicals’ (‘The Buddy Holly Story’). Whatever your preference, here we have an abundance of quality musical tickets available: buy the best tickets for musical shows at Worldticketshop.com - Your Ticket to Fun!

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