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Worldticketshop wins FD Gazelle Award Northern Netherlands
13 november 2009
Worldticketshop, Groningen has won the FD Gazelle Award for the northern Netherlands. The award was presented Thursday night at the Drum Theatre in Hoogeveen. Worldticketshop that sells tickets for concerts and events online, won the award because the company has grown by 527 percent over the past three years. Besides finishing first place regionally, Worldticketshop also ended in ninth place nationally in the overall ranking.
"We are very pleased and proud to have won this award. It is a wonderful reward for all the hard work that we have all done. I dedicate this prize to all the employees of Worldticketshop and I hope that this success can be matched next year, "said managing director Sebastian Monteban.
Monteban founded Worldticketshop in 2005. The Groningen-based company now employs 41 people and the target for 2010 is at least 100% growth. Worldticketshop warrants tickets and distinguishes itself from other providers by reliability and transparency. The consumer sees what they are buying and in the unexpected event that something goes wrong, will receive 120 percent of the amount spent back.
The FD Gazelle Awards are awarded annually to companies whose turnover has continuously grown over the last three years by at least twenty percent. The first year's turnover should amount to at least 100,000 euros. In the last year the net result must be positive, and only one of the two previous years may have seen a loss.

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