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Our Mandate

Worlticketshop is going to change - and change big time... when we switch from being a ticket reseller and Europe's largest ticket broker to becoming a ticket marketplace where sellers and brokers can reach buyers and buyers can find tickets via a web of brokers who are selling on the site. Worldticketshop is the right site for you to sell Robbie Williams Tickets, Rihanna Tickets, Manchester United Tickets, FC Barcelona Tickets or Champions League Final Tickets.

Ultimately, this will benefit the consumer - as tickets will come down in price when brokers can set price according to supply and demand. We will also be rolling out a new, ergonomic design that is much more web 2.0 and user-friendly than our current look and feel.

By the first quarter of 2011 Worldticketshop is available in 12 different European languages. By the end of 2011 we plan to be available in 20 European languages.

Trading in the secondary ticket market is a legitimate business in the new marketplace of ideas. The de-monopolization of the industry brought on by the advent of the Internet is shifting and recreating an entire industry. Economists call it supply and demand. And fans are happier to pay a premium to get late or hard-to-get tickets without hassle.... as well as participate in a framework that allows for rise and fall of pricing due to availability and want.

Fair prices and fair trade based on supply and demand - that is ultimately our mandate in a nutshell. And great service to ensure that happens!

Both the UK and USA have Secondary Ticket Industry organisations – Asta in the UK, the NATB and Better Ticketing in the U.S. - plus there is an American site devoted to the industry itself at TicketNews and now even secondary ticket conventions are being held in the USA. And Worldticketshop has been instrumental in building Europe's first secondary ticketing association - called the E.U. Secondary Ticketing Association or EUSTA at http://www.eusta.org which is initially starting in Holland but expects to branch out further to other European countries in the future.

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