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Buying guide

About Worldticketshop

  1. Are the tickets that I buy real tickets?
  2. How are my personal details treated?
  3. How do you get hold of all the tickets?
  4. I hear about false tickets in the media, could you explain this?
  5. Is buying and selling tickets legal?
  6. Is Worldticketshop affiliated to promoters or other ticket organisations?
  7. Why is the price that I pay at Worldticketshop higher than the price that is printed on the ticket?

Your account

  1. How can I create a personal profile?
  2. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
  3. My profile is not working any more, what do I do?
  4. What are the advantages of creating my profile?

Ticket search

  1. I am looking for tickets for an event that is listed on the website, but why can’t I buy tickets?
  2. I am looking for tickets for an event that is not listed on the website, what do I do?
  3. My payment has failed. Is it possible to order by phone?
  4. What do general admission tickets mean?
  5. Where can I read over the general terms and conditions?
  6. Why is it that not all tickets feature the exact location in the venue and why are the seat numbers missing?

Buying tickets

  1. Are my tickets next to each other?
  2. Can I also buy VIP tickets?
  3. Can I also buy wheelchair seats?
  4. Can I cancel my order?
  5. How can I pay for my tickets?
  6. I want to buy football tickets. What is the difference between the home and away section?
  7. I want to order tickets but I see that the same block features various ticket prices, how is this possible?
  8. My order is being processed, what does this mean?
  9. What are the most common ticketcategories used on Worldticketshop and what do they mean?
  10. What does the buyer guarantee mean?
  11. When will my order be final?
  12. Why am I asked to send a copy of an ID or an invoice?
  13. Why do I need to pay service/transaction costs?

Receiving tickets

  1. Can I also pick up my tickets?
  2. Can I change the delivery address for the shipment of my tickets?
  3. Can you also deliver my tickets to me at work?
  4. How can I claim a refund under the buyer guarantee?
  5. How can I view the status of my order?
  6. I am trying to follow my shipment via Track and Trace but I am not shown any information about my tickets, what do I do?
  7. I have bought football tickets, when will I receive my tickets?
  8. I have bought tickets for an overseas event, when can I expect the tickets?
  9. I have received a tracking number, what can I do with this?
  10. I have received an email about the shipment of my tickets but there are only three working days left until the event and I still have not received my tickets, what do I do?
  11. I have received an email asking me to provide a local delivery address, why is this?
  12. I understand that someone needs to sign for receipt of the tickets, but I will not be at home all day, what do I do?
  13. In my account it is indicated that the order has been completed but I have not received any tickets?
  14. In my reservation confirmation I read that some tickets can only be delivered locally, what do I do?
  15. The date on which my tickets would be sent has changed, what do I do?
  16. UPS has tried to deliver my tickets to me three times already but I wasn't available. Where are my tickets?
  17. What do the statuses of my order mean?
  18. When can I expect the tickets?

Other questions

  1. Are there any special security measures for high risk football matches?
  2. Can I get a discount if I place multiple orders?
  3. Can I pay for my tickets via bank transfer?
  4. Can I swap my tickets?
  5. How can I submit a claim under the Worldticketshop TicketCover?
  6. I have bought tickets for an event which is cancelled, what do I do?
  7. I have bought tickets for an event which is postponed.
  8. I have not received an order confirmation, what do I do?
  9. I have received my tickets but a different name is printed on the ticket, how is this possible?
  10. I have received the wrong tickets, what do I do?
  11. If I experience problems with the payment of the tickets on the website, what do I do?
  12. Is VAT included in the selling price?
  13. Unfortunately, I am not able to travel to the event because I am ill and have changed my plans at the last minute, can I return the tickets?
  14. What happens when I have lost my tickets or when they have been stolen?
  15. Why was I asked to send a copy of my ID and credit card?
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