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Charges policy


Worldticketshop guarantees a safe trading platform for both buyers and sellers.

Buyer guarantee
On behalf of its sellers Worldticketshop guarantees buyers the authenticity of tickets as well as the timely delivery of the tickets for the event in accordance with the buyer guarantee. Sellers are obliged, in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale, to timely supply authentic tickets that comply with the purchase agreement made with the buyer.

Fines & penalties
Naturally, it must at all times be the goal that any sales order gets delivered as ordered by the buyer. If in the rare event that a seller has made commitments on the Worldticketshop platform but fails to fulfil the agreement, Worldticketshop is entitled to effectuate its penalty policy in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale. Effectuating the penalty policy is based on the seller sullying the good name of Worldticketshop and the administrative efforts involved in not observing or partially not observing the agreement. Worldticketshop will impose administrative fines on the seller in the following situations:

  • The seller is unable to fulfil the order:
    If the seller indicates that the sales order cannot be fulfilled or if the Worldticketshop sales team has established that the seller has not fulfilled the sales order in its entirety, the buyer will be entitled to a refund of 120% of the purchase price by Worldticketshop. In this case Worldticketshop will escalate the order (meaning it will not be paid out) for 120% of the selling price including commissions and TicketCover plus an administrative penalty of up to € 50 / GBP 45 per order. The transaction will be marked as ‘non-compliance’. The escalation will be deducted from the following payout.
  • The seller is partially unable to fulfil the sales order but the buyer accepts other tickets offered by the seller:
    When the seller is able to fulfil the sales order but is unable to deliver the exact tickets but able to offer an alternative which the buyer accepts, the buyer is entitled to a 20% refund on the purchase amount. Worldticketshop will charge the seller this discount plus an administrative penalty of up to € 50 / GBP 45 including commissions and TicketCover per order. Any alternatives need to be approved by Worldticketshop prior to the delivery.



In addition to imposing administrative fines, Worldticketshop is reserves the right to temporarily deny the seller access to his/her account on Worldticketshop.

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