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Find the best tickets at Worldticketshop.com!

Didn’t manage to secure that ticket for the Lady Gaga concert after all, or decided to visit that Real Madrid match at the last minute? On the Worldticketshop internet portal you will find a great many tickets for thousands of concerts, sports matches, events and theatrical and cultural performances throughout Europe!

Buy at Worldticketshop because...

  • you have access to the largest assortment of events tickets in Europe;
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What other advantages do you benefit from?

  • Worldticketshop is the number 1 website for the purchasing and selling of tickets;
  • we have the most experience and expertise;
  • you can track your order via track and trace;
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How does Worldticketshop work?

On the Worldticketshop website you can buy and sell tickets in a safe environment at any given moment. Worldticketshop is Europe’s biggest ticketing portal for live entertainment.

Within our assortment you will tickets for:

  • Concerts
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Theatre
  • Festivals
  • Cabaret
  • Events
  • Cultural performances

…and many, many more events!

Want to know more about the tickets that are offered on the Worldticketshop website?

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Buyer guarantee on all your orders

In addition, you have the security of the buyer guarantee at Worldticketshop. This means that for all bought tickets your money is guaranteed to be refunded when an event is cancelled or when something is wrong with your tickets. Please go to the Worldticketshop buyer guarantee to have a look at the terms and conditions.

Ordering Tickets at Worldticketshop

Buying your tickets at Worldticketshop is easy and simple. If you need help ordering tickets, please contact Customer Care

Place the desired ticket in your cart

  • Go to the concert or event you want to visit and choose one of the tickets and then click 'view tickets'
  • Select the desired tickets, select the number of tickets and click 'order now'. Tickets are now added to your cart. The seller of the tickets will indicate as exact as possible the seating location of the ticket.

Fill in your details

  • You can now choose the Paypal Express Checkout to complete your details and to pay for your tickets with your Paypal account or
  • Click 'proceed to enter your details' and enter your personal information and choose a shipping address. If you already have an account with Worldticketshop, you can log in using your account to retrieve your data.

 Pay for your tickets

  • Then choose the way you want to pay for your tickets. You can pay for your tickets via credit card or Paypal. For more information about the payment methods at Worldticketshop go to 'pay for tickets'.
  • If you have entered your payment details and have agreed with the terms and conditions, click the button "place my order," and you will see a confirmation of your order.
  • Worldticketshop will now verify your payment and address, after which the order is passed to the seller.

 You receive tickets

  • The seller then sends your tickets by registered shipping. For more information on the delivery of your tickets go to 'delivery tickets'.

What you need to know about the tickets

We wish to conclude by telling you what else you need to know about your tickets. Worldticketshop offers you an independent platform for the buying and selling of tickets. This means that Worldticketshop does not organise concerts or issue tickets.

Tickets prices are generally more expensively than their face value, this is because some events sell out very quickly or tickets are difficult to obtain. As a result, the price of these tickets is higher than the amount that is printed on the tickets. This difference may be quite big sometimes, because, as a rule, the more people want to secure a desirable ticket, the higher the price is. The dynamic and very extensive supply at Worldticketshop creates a market-governed price that you as a consumer optimally benefit from!

All orders are checked by Worldticketshop for verification of address and payment. An order can be cancelled by Worldticketshop within 3 days if it appears that the order has not cleared the authentication check.

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