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What is the difference between seating category 1 and 2?

Worldticketshop is a marketplace for buying and selling tickets - we connect buyers and sellers of tickets. This means that we do not physically offer the tickets ourselves, but provide a platform for vendors to sell their tickets. The ticket categorisation is therefore dependent on what the sellers decide to list on our website. Responsibility for the selected ticket categorisations lies with the sellers. The sellers chosen categorisation does not have to correspond to the categorisation used by the organiser of the event.

In the case of Seated Category 1 and Seated Category 2 tickets, there is usually the following distinction. Seated Category 1 refers to the top half of the price level categories offered by the organiser. Seated Category 2 refers to the bottom half of the price level categories offered by the organizer.

Example: If an organizer offers 6 different categories, then the sellers Category 1 seats on Worldticketshop will correspond to categories 1 to 3 of the organisers listings. Category 2 therefore corresponds to category 4 to 6 of the organiser listings. With an odd number of ticket listing categories, the middle category will fall under Seated Category 2.

Standing, general admission and other special ticket categories are not included in this classification.


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