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I want to buy football tickets. What is the difference between the home and away section?

Tickets without any further specification will always be situated in the home sections.
In case you are a supporter of the visiting team, please be aware you are guests in this stadium.
Wearing colours of the visiting team in these home sections may be found provocative. Therefore we strongly advise you not to wear any colours of the visiting team. Stewarts may even deny entry to those who wear these colours.
Tickets with the specification 'Away Section' will always be located in the section of visiting team supporters. Off course colours of the visiting team are allowed there.
For your information, the home playing section is always mentioned first in the line up. For example: if you buy a ticket Arsenal-Manchester United, you will be seated in the Arsenal home section. If it is specifically stated in the ticket description that the ticket is for the away section, then you will be seated with Manchester United fans only.


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