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I have bought tickets for an overseas event, when can I expect the tickets?

Usually your tickets will be sent to your home address by registered mail 2-5 days prior to the event. So if you haven't travelled to the place where the event is being held, you will receive your tickets at your home address.

In case you have already travelled to the place where the event is being held and you are staying in a hotel, it is very important to let us know your local delivery address / hotel address as soon as possible.

Footballtickets will be delivered 1-2 days prior to the event and therefore can't be send to your home address. So when you have ordered footballtickets we will almost certainly need a local delivery address / hotel address.

If you are using a local delivery address / hotel address, we wish to receive the following information as soon as possible:

  • name under which the hotel reservation is booked;
  • check-in date and check-out date;
  • hotel name;
  • hotel address details or local address;
  • hotel phone number or phone number of contact person at the local address;
  • mobile phone number that you can be reached on.


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