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The Worldticketshop Affiliate Program is the premium ticket industry's largest and most successful affiliate program. The Worldticketshop Affiliate Program has got over 2,000 partners. If you are a web site manager you can start earning money today and earn 7% (travelagencies: 5% CPS) in referral fees (higher rates may be available to selected partners). Even if you don 't own a website yet, contact the Worldticketshop affiliate team to learn more about how you can earn on Worldticketshop transactions.

How the program works:

1. Affiliate partners drive Internet traffic from their sites to Worldticketshop.com through special links that allow us to track sales and other activity. Examples of affiliates: Euro 2016 or Ticketstarter
2. Affiliates earn an opening rate of 7% on ticket orders (travelagencies: 5% CPS). Orders on Worldticketshop average €500 and there is no cap on the amount of money you can earn per transaction.
3. Our dedicated support team will guide you through every step of the process - from set-up to management and optimization of your program, making sure you benefit from the program.
4. Referral fees are paid monthly by bank transfer if there is at least €50 in the affiliate account. If there is less than €50 in your account, commissions will roll over to the next month and accumulate until the €50 minimum is reached. Once you have accumulated €50 or more the balance will be paid out in the next monthly cycle. The publisher who prefers payment into an account outside the Netherlands will receive monthly payments but only if the number of transactions add up to the minimum amount of €100. In the event that there have not been enough transactions to equal €100, the payment will be made at the time that the amount of the transactions does equal the mimimum of €100.

Joining the Worldticketshop Affiliate Network is easy and free.

1. Complete the online application Affili.net (change the market from Uk to Netherlands)
2. Create & post your links to Worldticketshop.com using the tools we provide you.
3. Track your traffic and earnings reports online. Reporting is updated in real time.

Start your new revenue stream with Worldticketshop today. Apply to the affiliate program right now!

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